What is Love?

When lovemaking is missing, a very important component is also missing in the life of the man. You see there is a part of the man that always is and always will be a little boy. It is that part that needs to be reassured constantly. Without that reassurance, you have a grown kid in the candy store of the world looking for someone that will show him that he is important. When he finds it he will lie, cheat, spend money and do whatever is necessary to hear words of assurance more. He may even know in his heart that the words are a lie but he will still go after them until he can find a better liar. If he finds it outside of his home, he will do everything else right for the wife and home except the one thing that is most important, “remain faithful to his spouse”. Therefore, touching and communicating the importance of the male in the house can play a major role in keeping him secure and happy. Secure and happy men will anything to maintain the house and family that has brought him this type of happiness and feelings of security.

We are all familiar with sexual love. However, I think that it is important to at least point out the sad and pitiful reality that too many sexual encounters are plain old boring. This is a disgrace; it shows a breakdown in the relationship. It would probably be better to have no sex than to go through the ritual of meaningless sexual exercises. Hey! Just go to the gym and exercise! In most cases what we have are two people that are dishonest with each other. They have desires to try new things sexually and are too much of a coward to say what is on the hearts. Male and female prostitutes both make money because couples secretly pay money to experience new sexual activities that could have been experienced at home if the couples would only be sincere with each other.

There may be cases where a few couples may refuse to do certain activities such as trying new poses in bed, utilizing sex toys, or having a phone sex to spice things up. However, other options can be reached in these cases if both parties are looking to give to their mate their best. The bottom line is, never be afraid to try something new. Sex should be an exciting adventure and exploration of one another. The bedroom is no place for bigotry or hypocrisy. It should always be a brand new experience an adventure in life, emotions and the total being. To make it anything less is to rob ones self of the very joy of sex.

I find that Love is the bases of life and the process in which we do good for others, and from deep in the midst of love we find friends. It is within the realm of friendship that we find that special friend, the person we are drawn to and desire to know better.

The ultimate magnet that draws out that special friend comes to the forefront through making love to that individual. This is often known as the last part of the courting period and leads into the engagement period for many. Abstinence can be applied during this period.

The final area is sexual. The unique thing about this type of love is it is when two spirits become united as one. We must remember that when (X + Y = 1) if they are divided then X can only = ½ and Y can only = ½. So that becomes the miracle of sex. One partner will always carry a piece of the others life for the rest of their life. Make the most out of it and use it to join mind, body, heart, spirit, desire the total being together as one.