How to REALLY Pick Up Girls in Clubs

MAN UP, LOSER. The first change is to realize that a man’s life is based on how he handles REJECTION, not success. The BEST pro ballers MISS 6 OUT OF 10 TIMES. The best baseball players? 7 OUT OF 10. The general rule in options trading – 2 months up, 10 MONTHS DOWN. Same goes for picking up attractive women. The question is, how do you make your successes BIG enough that the losses don’t matter? Give up? Proceed forth, young Paduwan. ID TARGETS. Be selective. You need to take a very real assessment of what you can get and what you can’t. Studies show that men are not good at this, but here’s my general rule: Every $20,000/yr you’re worth means 1 point up on the hotness scale that you will have no trouble with. For instance – if you’re worth $100K/yr, you will have NO trouble with 5s. You can GET a 7 or 8, but they’re gonna give you crap. Now here’s the thing – your personality is worth money, too. So is your sense of style and life experience. Add them all up. How great of an experience can you give your female? $120,000 worth? Then you should have no trouble with 6s. Go for that hotness level and above and NEVER GO BELOW IT.

The minute YOU decide you’re worth more, your value goes up. It’s called “confidence,” and we’ll do another article on that.

IN LINE. After you determine what you can get, identify these targets. Make eye contact. Smile. Strike up a convo with ugly people to show the attractive women that you don’t care about just looks (tee hee). It will also get your brain warmed up to be cocky and funny when you talk to the hot girls. Do it fast, cuz when you’re inside, you have to make immediate moves.

THE FIRST 30 MINUTES. You’re a social butterfly, talking to all the attractive women you identified in line as targets, getting to know them. No lewd crap. The trick here is to get your feet walking and your mouth talking before your brain has a chance to psych you out. Keep the topics light – the more ditzy, the better. No “what’s your name, come here often” boring crap. That only works if you look like a Greek god. 2-3 minutes tops, then it’s on to the next group of girls.

AFTER THAT. Hit the dance floor; walk through. What usually happens to me is that some girl I talked to will pull me, smile at me, motion at me; some strong indication that she wants me to dance. If nothing happens, move out and do step 5 with the next group of people that came in after you. Repeat 5 and 6 until you warm up enough to ask someone to dance or someone asks you. See, if you just keep talking to enough attractive women, long enough, it will happen naturally. You probably won’t even remember how.

DANCING. Keep it fun – if she wants to grind, go ahead. But if she faces you and just wants to groove a little, let her. Don’t follow her butt around in a circle like I see so many douchebags do. They gets none. She’s testing your patience. Congrats! You’ve done what you came to do, and we’ll talk more in future articles about the rest of the night.