How to Meet Men in Venice, Florida

Meeting single, accessible men isn’t as difficult as it seems for women. Venice, Florida is a beautiful Gulf Coast town which has no lack of sunshine, fresh air and attractive guys. After a woman meets the ideal single man here, she’ll want to dine out together at one of the fine restaurants on the island and possibly take in a film or live theater performance later. Below are the top five locations to get a woman to meet one person in Venice, Florida:

If you’re a woman who’s into aviation, the Venice Aviation Society is only the company to join. For an individual, the annual membership fee is just $20.00. That’s a bargain, even in tough financial times. Participate in parades, cookouts, and a lot more events hosted by the society. As soon as you see that handsome aviator, do not pass up on a opportunity to present yourself to him.

In case you’ve got a solid background in leadership at all, then you’ll feel right at home with the Rotarians. There’s nothing more satisfying than being of service to others, and guys who are Rotarians will be more than pleased to make you feel at home once you join.

For women who enjoy tennis or golf, try the Jacaranda West Country Club situated on Jacaranda Boulevard. In addition to the courts, there’s a clubhouse where bridge, Mahjong, and a dining area where you are able to meet people and single guys. Looking trim and fit in your golf class whites will attract that single person who’s a senior accountant to the bank around the corner.

Girls who have Italian ancestry can combine the Italian American Club in Venice. Do not overlook these Italian men: they are thought of as one of the best lovers in the world.

The Venice Yacht Club is for girls who love the sea and would like to meet single guys. Sail the turquoise blue sea with the guy of your dreams and pretend you’re in a gondola. All you will need to do is get a host to join this club and as soon as you’re in, introduce yourself to the guy owning that stunning 48 footer.