Excuses Guys Use to Break a Date

For thousands of years guys have been using lame and sometimes outrageous lies (or call them excuses) for breaking dates. I’m not talking about using the “my grandmother” expired excuse seven days, with seven unique girls. What I am talking about are excuses that guys might think have an opportunity to fly. Guys may have the ability to pick up some tips from this guide, girls may want to file some of these excuses away and refer back to them the next time they are canceled on.

Golf – This excuse apparently worked for Tiger Woods for years. Not only for breaking dates, but for running around while married. You see, girls think a men golf game is sacred. The reality is, if you don’t earn 75% or more of your earnings from the game, the game is not sacred. Golf is a great excuse because you can pencil in five hours for the round, and hour or so each way to get into the program, an hour or so of warm up and an hour or so for hanging out after the round at the 19th Hole. That is a total of nine hours; women that don’t know any better figure anything you’re blocking off nine hours for at one time must be important. Guys know golf is a lame, but good excuse.

Doing something with my mom – Lame, lame and more lame. Men don’t do stuff with their Mother. Doing something with my Father is less lame, but girls may not do it. What’s a man going to do on a Saturday Night with his Mom? Get their nails done, head on out to Macy’s? If a guy is doing this girls, you don’t have to be dating him since he’s interested in his very best friend ‘Phil” over you. Girls may think, “oh it’s fine he’s doing something with his Mother”, but that is just wrong and helpless rolled into one. Girls, be aware of the vague excuse and others like it.

The facts here are unless the guy owns his own company, or he’s a bouncer in a strip club, he does not HAVE to work. The world isn’t going to blow up if he does not go to work. If he works at a strip club, he is probably working a dancer named Destiny while he gives you the excuse he is hard at work. Men love giving “work” as an excuse, it makes them feel important and if the girls doesn’t work in their place of employment it covers his tracks perfectly.

The friend in town or airport pickup – One of the earliest explanations around. How can you keep someone from an airport pickup? The thing here is if he wanted to keep the date with you, you’d be having dinner that night with your man and his friend. And spring an airport trip on you just does not happen. Airport pickups between guys are put up and discusses at least a week ahead of time. It is time to blow the lid on this explanation. Guys, do not use it, and women do not fall for it.

Pets – Lame and lame. Guys think girls will fall to the sick pet thing everytime. True, pets are important family members to guys, especially dogs. Girls, you have to respect the guy/dog relationship, it is a strong one; the guy has probably known the dog longer than you. Do not feel threatened by the dog, if you do, the man will milk this explanation for all it’s worth. Guys, do not abuse this excuse. You will really need to use it at one time or another. Save it to the real think.

Women can play together if they want, if they do, the excuses will keep flowing like the Nile in August. I am not saying that, if any excuses I used in the past…guy code.